The Exit Poll that told me Theresa May had failed to get everything her own way


Of course, by now there’s been a lot of news stories and comments about this general election, but here’s my post, telling you how it relates to Thatcherism.

Theresa May and her Conservatives, backed up by Labour Party votes called a general election. Her evil plan was to get a massive majority for starting the Brexit negotiations, then leading into fixed gerrymandered new constituency boundaries in 2018. This would have established a total dictatorship in Britain, or at least England and Wales.

I can’t forget the sense of relief I felt seeing the first BBC exit poll, projecting a hung parliament with the Tories on 314 seats. I thought this was good, but I hoped they’d end up with fewer seats. In the end they got 318 seats, Labour got 262, the SNP got 35, Lib Dems 12, Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) 10, Sinn Fein 7, Plaid Cymru (Welsh Nationalists) 4, Greens 1, and Independent 1.

There was a lot of tactical voting in this election, with EU Remainers being encouraged to vote either Lib Dem in constituencies where they might be able to win, Labour to try and deprive the Tories of a large majority, or even of any majority at all, and Lib Dem or Labour in safe Tory seats to register their rejection of Brexit. The Green Party of England and Wales decided not to stand in 24 seats, as a “progressive alliance”, to help beat the Tories. Younger people were encouraged to register to vote, as well as to actually get out and vote, which they did.

Jeremy Corbyn and Labour ran on a manifesto which seemed to totally reject Thatcherism or “new Labour”, promising to renationalise utilities, and abolish student tuition fees. However, this manifesto also mentioned plans for people on Jobseekers’ Allowance (JSA) and Universal Credit, instead of saying that these benefits would be abolished. The manifesto promised to end benefit sanctions, but as both these benefits are based around constant threats and sanctions I don’t see how that would be possible. Labour’s manifesto also made it clear that they planned to carry out Brexit, but most of their new support came from remain voting areas.

The Lib Dems tried to re invent themselves as the only party that could stop Brexit, but most Remainers weren’t prepared to trust them after 2010 when they’d given up their policies on demanding Proportional Representation, abolishing benefit sanctions, not increasing tuition fees, as well as supporting the dreaded Housing Benefit cap and the Bedroom Tax.

The SNP stood to stop Brexit for Scotland and ideally to get Scottish independence. They lost 21 of their 56 seats, but it’s certainly not clear what this means, especially as they still have more seats than all the other parties in Scotland combined. Apart from this, the SNP are a minority government in the Scottish Parliament elected by Proportional Representation, but with the support of the six Scottish Green Party members, the majority of that parliament are in favour of independence for Scotland.

After the general election, Theresa May made a filthy deal with the DUP from Northern Ireland to try and cling on to power. This involved paying them a billion Pounds! Of course, a lot of Tory policies have now been dropped. It remains to be seen if even this disgusting tactic can enable the Tories to cling on to power. It will be revealed on June 29, 2017 if their cut down list of policies, still including Brexit, listed in The Queen’s Speech, have been rejected or not. If the vote goes in their favour, even then it seems they can only last about 6 months. This is based on previous minority governments in 1974 and 1924. If they’re rejected, then Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party will get a chance to form a government with as much support as possible from other parties. If this attempt fails, then I think another general election will be automatically called on about July 13, 2017, taking place about 6-8 weeks later. The way support for different political parties has been going, it now seems impossible for any party to get a majority again. The solution is obviously Proportional Representation, which would mean the death of the Labour and Conservative Parties, to be replaced by newer, smaller parties, which would always have to form coalition governments, the same as in lots of countries, or even most countries around the World.

As for whether Brexit is Thatcherite or anti Thatcherite, I think it’s obviously Thatcherite. This is because it’s only in the interests of people who want to deregulate everything without anyone to stop them. Their goal is to turn Britain into an offshore banking and tax haven something like the Cayman Islands. Jeremy Corbyn supports it because his politics are like Tony Benn (RIP) adopted by the Labour Party back in 1980, where to create a “Socialist paradise” you must take complete control of a country, without another organisation such as the then EEC, now the EU, to interfere with this plan. This policy was dropped by Labour in about 1988, but now it’s back. I think it would be like North Korea lite!


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