Tim Farron boarding a campaign bus, but not holding the Manifesto


The Lib Dem Manifesto for 2017 says that Theresa May’s government has a mandate to begin negotiations to leave the EU! The EU Referendum result to leave was caused by Rupert Murdoch’s and the Daily Mail’s brainwashed little puppets. This is disastrous! It means uncertainty and damage has already been done and will continue to be done to the UK up to 2019!

The Lib Dem Manifesto goes on to give details of how the Lib Dems support a “soft Brexit”, but no such deal is being offered by the EU. They also claim they actually want to stay in the EU, but their lack of opposition to Brexit makes it confusing how they plan to achieve this. They want to hold another referendum on the terms of the deal, but the propaganda by that time will probably be impossible to override. The only thing similar to EU membership is EEA membership. This involves countries following rules that they had no say in making. It also includes free movement of people, which is allegedly the main thing that leave voters wanted to stop!

This manifesto pledges to try and protect the rights of people in Northern Ireland and Gibraltar. These rights can only be guaranteed by continued membership of the EU!

They want to discourage people from drinking alcohol, including a minimum per unit price for alcohol!

They talk about “responsible finances”, following on from their period in the Coalition in 2010-2015. This means maintaining cuts and not increasing spending until the loans and interest have been paid off!

They often mention a 1p rise in Income Tax, instead of making the rich bastards pay. Pathetic!

They mention Universal Credit, indicating that they have no plans to abolish it and replace it with a humane system!

They mention Jobseekers’ Allowance, instead of saying they want to abolish it and replace it with a humane system!

There is no mention of abolishing the Housing Benefit cap which they supported!

They don’t plan to renationalise the railways!

There’s no mention of abolishing anti “street drinking” laws, or the law banning people from drinking on buses or coaches.

They talk about introducing Proportional Representation and the Single Transferable Vote (STV), but they’ve already thrown away their best opportunity for doing that in 2010. I don’t know if they’ll ever get that opportunity again. The SNP is more likely to achieve this.

To sum up, the Lib Dem Manifesto doesn’t propose to abolish Thatcherism at all.


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