Theresa May: “Strong and stable. Brexit means Brexit!”


Here are some policies from the Conservative’s Manifesto which are Thatcherite.

People are once more expected to sell their homes to pay for personal care, although now they won’t have to do this until after they die, so it’s their kids who will be affected. This policy was abolished or at least toned down by Cameron, as well as being abolished in Scotland by the Labour/Lib Dem coalition there.

Scrapping free school lunches. This goes much further than Thatcher’s early policy of scrapping free school milk. Some of the free school lunches will be replaced by free school breakfasts, but do some kids really go to school without having any breakfast?

Means testing of Winter fuel payments for pensioners. People such as Alan Sugar would no longer get them, but May refused to say exactly who would and who wouldn’t get these payments.

Allowing and encouraging new grammar schools to start up. This creates more inequality in society, exactly as Thatcher wanted.

Taxes would be kept as low as possible.

The manifesto includes lies such as Britain being the World’s fifth largest economy, although it slipped into sixth place following the EU Referendum result, as well as having the fastest growing economy in the G7, although it was recently revealed to be the slowest growing economy in the G7. Of course, economies shouldn’t be growing at all, unless the population increases.

There’s also a couple of paragraphs under the heading “Modern Slavery”, saying how the Tories plan to abolish it. Of course, there’s no mention of abolishing JSA, Universal Credit, or their associated slave labour schemes!

It also promises to bring in votes for life for British overseas electors. This was in the last Conservative Manifesto AND The Queen’s Speech, but not implemented. If this had actually been done, then the EU Referendum result would probably have been remain!

They commit themselves not only to retaining first past the post for General Elections, but to extend this to Mayoral elections as well!! They also want to repeal the Fixed Term Parliaments Act, so that the sitting Prime Minister can once more choose the best date for their government to be re elected, without even asking for a two thirds vote of all MPs.

Student loans will continue, instead of being abolished and replaced with grants.

Universal Credit, with all its associated harassment, will continue to be rolled out, instead of abandoned as a sick joke.

In the section on housing, there’s absolutely no mention of the Housing Benefit cap, or even Housing Benefit at all, so I assume that any housing will only be for people who are allowed to work by the employers.

Everyone reading this should be concerned about the section on the Internet, where it says that the Tories would interfere with and censor the Internet as much as possible.

They wouldn’t continue with stage 2 of the Leveson Enquiry, investigating what nasty journalists such as those employed by Rupert Murdoch, get up to.

EDIT: One thing I forgot to mention before is that the same old policy of selling Council Houses is here again! Another disastrous policy, although not Thatcherite, is leaving the EU. This would make Britain totally isolationist, wipe the country off the map, as well as ruining trade, and people’s rights,  including their right to escape from Britain. Even Thatcher didn’t think of this one!

That’s about all I can say. I hope to publish some more articles exposing some Thatcherite policies promoted by other parties before the General Election takes place!


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