There has been a coup d’etat in Britain. This coup was led by Nigel Farage of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, and Iain Duncan Smith who are all Conservatives. They received a lot of support from that interfering foreigner Rupert Murdoch through his newspapers The Sun and The Times, as well as his TV channel Sky News, plus the other newspapers The Daily Mail, and The Daily Express, which are both Thatcherite/neo liberal. Other, minor players in this coup include Andrea Leadsom and Priti Patel of the Conservatives, as well as the schizophrenic nutter Lord Owen (formerly known as Dr David Owen), who in his time has been an MP for the Labour Party, formed the anti Thatcherite and anti Marxist Social Democratic Party (SDP) still as a sitting MP, which went into an alliance with the Liberal Party, he opposed the merger of the SDP with the Liberals to form the Liberal Democrats by wailing and moaning like a Prima Donna because he wasn’t going to be in charge, then later on started supporting the Conservatives instead to hit back at his former colleagues in Labour and the Lib Dems. Finally, as a Lord, he made a donation and gave support to Labour again.


Lord/Dr David Owen, a perfect case of schizophrenia

People voting leave in the EU referendum didn’t vote “against the political establishment”, even if they thought that’s what they were doing. They were encouraged to vote either way by one elitist clique against another, but people with common sense took no notice of this and voted to remain. Apart from this it seems that people have also been brainwashed by Weatherspoons pubs who distributed anti EU leaflets and beermats to their customers who were quie likely to be drunk at the time, as well as UKIP hiring the services of hypnotist Paul McKenna to advise them about how to give their videos a hypnotic effect. I used to like Weatherspoons pubs and Paul McKenna, but now I advise people to boycott both of them. Inventor James Dyson also supported leave, so I advise people not to buy his products, smash them up and throw them out if you own any, not to use Dyson hand dryers in public toilets, but write “DYSON = TRAITOR” on them and try to smash them up instead.

Paul McKenna


Paul McKenna, who changed from trying to improve people’s lives to trying to enslave them


Why did Rupert Murdoch support Brexit? In his own words “That’s easy! When I go to Downing Street they do what I say. When I go to Brussels they usually take no notice”. Obviously, this means the EU doesn’t support Rupert Murdoch’s vision of free trade across the World, his US TV productions, sewing up the rights to other TV series he hasn’t produced, then persuading people to pay subscriptions to watch them. He has been doing this in Britain, Ireland, Germany, and Italy through Sky UK, Sky Deutschland, and Sky Italia. I think people should boycott all his TV channels and newspapers. Obviously, people who put their minds to it can watch the same TV programmes by downloading them as torrents from Pirate Bay proxy sites, some other torrent sites, or watch them using a Virtual Proxy Network on , etc, but they shouldn’t use the browser plug in Hola to do this, because Hola sell users’ bandwidth through their premium service and install malware. I think that people should watch mainly TV from the EU via satellie or the Internet, on sites such as and



Jerry Hall with Rupert Murdoch (a case of necrophilia)


The Daily Mail is notorious as a Thatcherite newspaper, which hates and despises whole groups of people. The Daily Mail thinks that anyone can get a job at any time, as in classical economics or Thatcherism/neo liberalism, instead of Keynesian economics or participatory economics/parecon where there are no employers, or centralised state Socialism/Communism where people were told what jobs would be available, only allowed to train for what jobs were needed, then forced into one of those jobs. The Daily Mail whipped up a hysterical frenzy against “lazy scroungers” on Housing Benefit (a system which gives people money to pay their rent just so they can have a place to live if they can’t get work or are poorly paid). Of course, this money ends up in the hands of Landlords, not the people claiming the money. It’s a drop in the ocean compared to the money the bankers conjure out of thin air or is wiped out on stock markets. As a result of this campaign, a cap was placed on Housing Benefits. The cap was £250 per week for a single person in a one bedroom flat. There was no attempt to prevent landlords from increasing rents, so this has meant that when rents continued to increase, there were very few if any flats in that price range still available in London, then if people on Housing Benefit in London were evicted, they found it very hard or even impossible to get another flat in London. This has caused people to either be forced out of London, or into shared houses with small rooms of their own, or pathetically small “studio flats”, which are more like Bed & Breakfast rooms.

For a long time, or always, Britain has been plagued by isolationists who basically don’t know and don’t want to know about the rest of the World, unless they happen to speak English. A lot of these people are elderly and/or live in small towns or villages. These people have been going on and on about a campaign to leave the EU since at least 1992. The whole attitude may date back to after the Viking invasion when the Vikings settled in what later became England, north of a line between the River Lee or Lea now in London, and the Mersey Estuary.

I was shocked to hear that some people who oppose “globalization” or more properly globalisation, were happy at the news that Britain had voted in the referendum to leave the EU. This is crap, because the EU is supposed to be a protectionist bloc, opposing or restricting free trade within its borders to the advantage of people and companies from the EU. The protectionist aspect hasn’t been as successful as it was supposed ro be, as well as being undermined by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) which we were never asked if we wanted to join.

To sum up, unless this insane referendum result is ignored, voted down by Parliament, or another referendum is held which gives a victory to remain then what will happen is roughly as follows. Of course, I can’t be anything like 100% accurate in my predictions, but I think over 60% of these things will happen.

  • Unemployment will increase, playing into the hands of the Thatcherites, who will brand the new unemployed as lazy, instead of admitting it was due to the Brexit. They will make them do more slave labour and set up special slave labour camps
  • Lots of people will leave England and Wales for the Continent, Scotland, or Ireland
  • Prices in shops will rise due to the fall in the Pound Sterling
  • Due to a big devaluation of the Pound Sterling, people will have to pay in US Dollars or Euros
  • Satellite dishes larger than Sky Digital dishes (45cm) will be banned to prevent people watching TV channels from the Continent via satellite
  • There will be more Internet censorship, including streaming videos from TV channels located on the Continent
  • Scotland will declare independence from the UK
  • Northern Ireland will declare independence from the UK
  • Gibraltar will be administered jointly with Spain, or leave the UK and join Spain
  • Lots of people who are already applying for Irish passports will give up their British nationality altogether
  • The UK’s nuclear weapons will be moved from their bases in Scotland to bases in England and Wales, and their numbers will increase
  • The population of England and Wales will decrease due to its citizens leaving and mass deportations
  • Military spending will greatly increase to prepare for the war which is sure to come
  • England and Wales will threaten various other countries, including EU members, with its nuclear weapons over trade disputes
  • Germany or the whole EU (apart from France) will arm itself with nuclear weapons to counter the threat from England and Wales
  • Russia will send its armed forces to invade and occupy England and Wales, probably leading to a nuclear war
  • The EU will send its European Army to invade and occupy England and Wales, probably leading to a nuclear war
  • People from England and Wales may need visas to travel to the Continent
  • Holidaymakers from England and Wales on the Continent will be harassed and attacked

Don’t forget that all of this has happened because of UK based TV channels showing almost 100% programmes made in English and because Rupert Murdoch wanted to be able to run his media empire in Britain without interference from the EU!