Did fraud hand an #election majority to the #Conservatives? Look at the facts

Here’s some more details about the fixed British General Election of May 2015. Well worth a read. Well done Simon!

Simon's View

The 2015 General Election result was a shock. But we know that the Conservatives won because of ‘Shy Tories’, ‘late swing voters’, Milliband was too Left-wing and a vote in England against the SNP, don’t we? And your feelings tell you election fraud in the UK is a ridiculous idea, don’t they? But, then look at the facts. Voter fraud cases have gone to court. In April 2015, a court removed, Lutfur Rahman from the elected position of Tower Hamlet Mayor after he was found guilty of corrupt practices in the election. The judgment included fraudulent use of the postal vote. Fraud in local elections are not rare, as the news website, Get Surrey shows:

Woking Borough Council postal vote election fraud trial begins. 13 APR 2015, BY GUY MARTIN Relatives of Liberal Democrat candidate who won seat on council by 16 votes are standing trial accused of conspiracy to defraud.

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