Douglas Carswell Has Got The Society He Wants, Of Course We Hate The Fucking Rich

Well said! It’s a shame Douglas Carswell didn’t get a black eye at the very least. Why was he travelling by bus? I think it was probably a ploy to try and convince people that he’s just ordinary. As their only MP, UKIP could provide him with a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce!

the void

simpsons“If we don’t do something to fix the glaring inequities in this economy, the pitchforks are going to come for us. No society can sustain this kind of rising inequality. In fact, there is no example in human history where wealth accumulated like this and the pitchforks didn’t eventually come out.”

Nick Hanauer, billionaire and founder of speaking at a TED talk in 2014

Former Tory and now UKIP opportunist Douglas Carswell, who has been whining in the press after being jostled and shouted at during yesterday’s fuck the tories protest, has got the world he wants.  In a society where the poorest are ground into the dirt whilst the rich live in unimaginable luxury it is inevitable that the wealthy will become despised.  As ever more people see their lives demolished by poverty pay, benefit cuts, forced work and soaring housing costs then it is no surprise that…

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Stand now

Well said! The only question is how to make that stand.


D’ya know, I have lived over half a century.

In that half century plus, I’ve seen good times, bad times, governments come and go.

My best times were in the 1970s; the unions were strong when the working man had a voice, and a choice.

I am, as many of you will be, afraid of losing my job.

But we have to make a stand, sometime, somewhere.

Now, or later, when it is too late?

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Jobcentre Staff: Thatcherite Ground Troops

Jobcentre Staff: Thatcherite Ground Troops


A Jobcentre Plus sign

The Jobcentres were first set up in the late 1970s to early 1980s, taking over from the previous more informal Labour Exchanges.

When they started, Jobcentres provided a three tier service. This was made up of a section where people made new claims and signed on, a section where people viewed jobs available and could apply for them, as well as another section where unemployed people could register and the staff were actually supposed to try and find them a job, but only for a period of about three weeks! Jobcentre staff often had plate glass windows to protect them although they didn’t harass claimants. The plate glass was removed when the harassment started, then they got security guards.

The format, or at least the activities carried out in Jobcentres, started to change in about 1986. At that time, the benefits called Unemployment Benefit and Supplementary Benefit were replaced by Income Support. People always had to be “looking for work” to claim these benefits, but all this involved was filling in a form saying what kind of work they were looking for, then signing a slip of paper once every two weeks to say that during the previous two weeks you had been looking for work. As the comedian Eddie Izzard once pointed out, before he was known to support those Labour Party life wreckers and murderers, it was even possible to say you were looking for work as a shepherd in Birmingham, although you probably wouldn’t get any. It wasn’t all plain sailing, though. Long term unemployed people could occasionally be threatened under Section 10 of The Social Security Act 1976. The threat was to be forced to go to a Section 10 camp. These camps were likely to be nowhere near where the claimants lived, as well as having different camps according to gender and even marital status. There were basically a few months of digging ditches, etc, in exchange for bed, board and “pocket money”, but I don’t think many people ever had to go there.

Income Support shifted the burden of proof from Jobcentre staff to benefit claimants themselves, as well as abolishing claims for “one off payments”, replacing them with the Social Fund which had to be repaid. Under Income Support, benefit claimants had to offer some evidence that they had been looking for work in order to carry on receiving their benefits, instead of Jobcentre staff trying to prove that they weren’t looking for work. Apart from this, although people were supposed to sign on at a particular time of day, if they didn’t manage to do this, they wouldn’t be punished at all, except possibly by being paid one day late. Gradually, some harassment was introduced, such as turning off the signing on system during the hours of 12:00-14:00, so that when I once arrived at about 12:05 I was told to come back after 14:00. I had arranged to meet up with some friends nowhere near there, so I just told them I couldn’t come back after 14:00 because I had a job interview, then they accepted that and I was allowed to sign on the following day. Nowadays, this wouldn’t be allowed, and a claimant could be murdered as a result.

Later on, came the dreaded Jobseekers’ Allowance, thought up by mass murderer and slave trader Ken Clarke. Before it was introduced, there were horror stories that people would only receive it for six months, before being cut off and being left to die, as well as demands to adopt a “smart appearance” even on visits to the Jobcentre. There was speculation that even Tory MP Michael Heseltine didn’t comply with this stereotype, but then it seems this was never enforced.

Under the system of JSA one thing that did happen was Jobcentre staff using the Nuremburg Defence of “Only following orders”, reworded in my case as “He’s only doing his job”, as an excuse for harassing people half to death, or even actually to death. Thanks to the former so called Social Democrat German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder” (SPD), this system has been copied in Germany, using the pathetic excuse that this was because otherwise the government couldn’t afford to maintain the welfare state. It’s called “Hartz Vier” with the benefit “Arbeitslosengeld Zwei”, as well as the former “Arbeitsamt” offices being renamed “Jobcenter”, so it’s totally obvious where they got it from!

It was actually a woman who worked at Jobcentres who helped me get my first flat, when I was unemployed during the time that unemployed people got Income Support, because she was a singer, and I was providing her with my valuable services as a guitarist and songwriter. As I was involved with this woman for about two years, I saw how her attitude changed, because she was being brainwashed by the DSS. She decided that my services were worth less and less all the time, until eventually they weren’t worth anything at all. We split up because of arguments about money, or basically how she was trying to make me even worse off, so she could make herself better off, and how poor she was compared to people like Alan Sugar and the Queen, although she was much better off than me, and I was one of the people who provided her with the work she did! She eventually started spouting DSS propaganda such as “I’m SURE you could get a job!”, which really means “I’m sure you could DO a job!”, but of course getting a job is dependent on scum like Alan Sugar agreeing to it.

When JSA was about to start, I went to a meeting to discuss how people could oppose or stop it. This meeting was organised by a former Jobcentre worker who got sacked for resisting benefit changes, and was attended by some Jobcentre staff, as well as claimants. One Jobcentre bitch put on a pathetic act, saying “I don’t want to implement JSA, but I’ve GOT to!” It was obvious to me that she really meant she would implement JSA to maintain her lifestyle, including eating in restaurants, taking taxis, and going on holiday, because it was beneath her to be sacked and live on benefits like the people she agreed to harass. She reminded me of that other Jobcentre bitch who was a singer.

I was briefly a member of the SWP (Socialist Workers’ Party), because I thought they had my interests at heart. Unfortunately, I eventually found out that they sympathised with my enemies, the Jobcentre staff as well as the Housing Benefit incompetent bastards and nutters. This was because some Jobcentre staff and possibly Housing Benefit bastards, were members of the SWP and because some of them had kids, so according to the SWP both of these were good enough excuses for them to harass me. I think a good solution to this problem would have been for their kids to be seized, then given to good homes, meaning homes not involved in harassing and murdering unemployed people, where they would be taught that people’s lives are more important than money. As for the SWP, they’re just a joke, not a proper political party at all. They often told people to vote Labour although they claimed to hate them, set up single issue front organisations usually starting with the words “We are”, then eventually tried to deal with a rape case by setting up their own kangaroo court.

Some of my ideas to defeat Jobcentre staff harassment are for unemployed people to get together and organise themselves, then take action such as following Jobcentre staff home, making it as subtle as possible. They should work in teams, bit by bit, noticing which direction the staff go when they leave the Jobcentre, then follow them up to a certain point before making a note to be passed on to someone else who can follow them from that point another day, to stop them suspecting anything. This would soon lead to their home addresses being discovered. After this, at harassment sessions given by these members of staff, their victims should quickly say something such as “I’d like to talk to you about…” followed by their address. This technique could immediately scare the shit out of any of these bastards, forcing them to stop harassing anyone who said it. If that wasn’t enough, then an angry mob could turn up outside their houses, shouting a whole load of insults, as well as chucking a brick through their window. Just picture the scene inside as one of their precious brats asks a question such as “Mummy, what’s a collaborator?” Of course, Jobcentre staff are often moved from one Jobcentre to another, so this means that groups of unemployed people from different Jobcentres would have to pool their information about these bastards.

I think all of this shows that it’s totally right to hate and despise Jobcentre staff, as well as to take revenge on them. I think they deserve the same fate as the Nuremburg war criminals!

Basically, Jobcentre staff say to their victims “Do this, or I’ll kill you!” Their response should be “Not if I kill you first!” I think killing Jobcentre staff is justified, because this would save the lives of people they’re planning to murder. After this had been done, their co conspirators would think twice before murdering anyone else.

The Fixed British General Election 2015

The Fixed British General Election 2015


That’s fixed it!

I certainly don’t accept the election result, or this government! How was the election fixed?

First of all, I should say that no opinion polls are accurate, the only poll that matters is the real one on election day. I think that opinion polls are often used to influence the result and that they should be banned during election campaigns.

One long term trend is that since 1979 the percentage of the vote for both the Labour Party and the Conservative Party has been declining. Their combined share was predicted to decline to only 60% of the total votes cast in 2015. This would mean that neither of those tired old parties could get a majority.

Even though the fraudulent result is a Conservative majority, they could only manage to get 331 seats, or 330 minus the Speaker. This means there is a lot of hope that this government is too weak to get their policies voted into law, especially due to not everyone turning up to vote, as well as by elections which will surely take place in the near future, as they usually do.

Of course, the Labour Party is finished now, after dropping all their Democratic Socialist or Social Democratic policies, but at least they should have got enough seats to take part in a coalition to usher in a new era of anti Thatcherite/neoliberal multi party democracy. After this, their number of seats would have been cut down to less than 150 under Proportional Representation, as people realised they didn’t have to try and choose the lesser of two evils, or even four evils, anymore. As for the Lib Dems, they dropped most of their policies in 2010. After that, it was a case of who are they? Certainly not the party I voted for. Their slaughter makes them more pathetic than the old Liberal Party during the period 1945-1980. The Lib Dem losses were divided between the Tories, Labour, and the SNP, so that didn’t hand victory to the Tories.

There have been a lot of stories about how the Scottish Referendum result was fixed. These include a story I heard in person about people moving to Scotland in time to register to vote, then voting No to independence. Apart from this, there’s actual videos of electoral fraud going on at the counts. There’s good reason to think that similar things happened in the General Election.

A new system of voter registration brought in by the Coalition government caused up to a million people to drop off the register. These are likely to be people who move frequently, or students, so are unlikely to vote Conservative. I wasn’t one of them, though. I thought something had gone wrong, when no letter arrived several weeks before mid October 2014, then I was going to contact my local council or electoral services when an envelope arrived saying that electoral registration was changing, containing a form with my details already listed and said that if the details were correct, then I didn’t even need to confirm it, unlike in the past.

The Conservatives had US Republican helpers this time round. Obviously the US Republican party know all about fixing elections, as in the US Presidential Election of 2000 where the result in Florida was seriously affected, they refused even to do a recount, then after George W Bush was officially voted in by the Electoral College, the details came out that Al Gore had actually won.

Postal ballots to some overseas registered voters were sent too late for them to vote. I wasn’t even sure that a system of overseas voting for British General Elections existed, but it’s quite obvious to me that the people running it should have the common sense to send out the ballots some time in advance to give people time to vote.

Conservative supporters were probably moved into marginal seats then registered to vote there. A few years ago, a system was introduced allowing people to register over a period of about six weeks. I registered at a new address to vote in the AV (Alternative Vote) referendum in 2011.

Of course, there were also a few cases of some candidates names being left off ballot papers! These cases alone should mean that the votes in those constituencies should be re run, whether or not these are called by elections.

So, all of these are the reasons why I’m sure that the British General Election of 2015 was fixed.

As for me, my life expectancy is now until about mid September to mid October, thanks to government plots to evict me and prevent me getting a new flat, but I may be able to save my life by moving to Scotland, or the more complicated process of going to the Continent. I’ll keep blogging as long as possible.

General Election 2015 Aftermath

General Election 2015 Aftermath


Nicola Sturgeon, the biggest threat to former public schoolboys in Britain today

While watching TV coverage of the general election results, I quite quickly started to feel sick, and thought again about the real possibility of me dying later this year, as the BBC exit poll predicted a horror story of the Conservatives getting 316 seats. Even this figure would have enabled that public schoolboy wanker David Cameron to try and find some support from another party such as the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) or even the Lib Dems again, but at the end of the day the Conservatives got 331 seats out of 650. This gives them an overall majority! The final results were as follows…

  • Conservatives 331 seats
  • Labour 232 seats
  • SNP 56 seats
  • Lib Dems 8 seats
  • Greens 1 seat
  • UKIP 1 seat
  • Plaid Cymru 3 seats
  • DUP 8 seats
  • Sinn Fein 4 seats
  • SDLP 3 seats
  • UUP 2 seats
  • Independent 1 seat

That millionaire public schoolboy wanker David Cameron can now write a Queen’s Speech, which must be read out on May 27 2015. That other public schoolboy wanker Nick Clegg saw his party the Lib Dems reduced from 57 seats down to just 8 seats, then he resigned as leader, although he kept his seat. There will be a vote by MPs on June 4 2015, about whether or not to accept the Queen’s Speech. Even if all the other parties, including the DUP with eight seats, and UKIP with one seat, vote against this, but all the Conservative MPs vote for it, then that Queen’s Speech will be passed. This is what’s likely to happen.

After accepting the Queen’s Speech, the new Conservative majority government will set about implementing all these policies. This is where they may have a few problems. Their majority is smaller than any Conservative government elected when the total number of constituencies was 650 (although Ted Heath’s government won 330 seats out of 630 in 1970), even smaller than John Major’s government’s majority of 336, elected in 1992. This means that, as under John Major, some Conservative MPs, who disagree with some of Cameron’s policies or policies which are unpopular in their constituencies, could refuse to vote in favour of certain bills which may result in them not being passed.

It’s rare that all MPs turn up for votes, although with a slim majority, they might be forced to. The SNP will be a powerful bloc in the new Parliament and have said they will vote on issues affecting England only, as well as just Scotland. I think the SNP are likely to nearly all turn up and vote most of the time, but they have only 56 MPs out of 650. The SNP could introduce bills or amend other bills to abolish Thatcherite policies they don’t like, but then these would need the support of some MPs from other parties, such as Labour, the SDLP, and possibly a few rebel Conservatives, but how many rebel Conservatives are there?

Some people have already made claims of electoral fraud or some way of fixing the election. I think this may well be what’s happened, but I don’t know how.

Towards the end of the campaign, Conservative newspapers such as The Sun, the Daily Mail, The Times, and The Daily Express, were telling horror stories about a minority Labour government being held to ransom by the SNP, and that people should vote to keep Labour out.

Some demos are being held against the election result, even though the new government hasn’t yet taken office. I hope that some of these demos become quite violent, with attempts to smash buildings or even to storm Parliament. One demo was held in London on Saturday, May 9, 2015. I wasn’t sure whether or not to attend, then this delay caused me to miss it. The demo started outside Conservative Party Campaign HQ, but then moved to near Downing Street. A war memorial was defaced with the slogan “FUCK TORY SCUM!”, as well as a few Pigs getting slightly hurt, but that doesn’t sound good enough to me. Protesters were also kettled for a few hours. I think that members of the public should get as organised as the Pigs to humilate and defeat them.

I’ve read that there’s a conference against benefit sanctions, cuts, and slave labour schemes due to be held on May 30, 2015 near Kings Cross, London, so that sounds interesting!

Why Vote Green?

Why Vote Green?


The Green Party started life as The Ecology Party, concentrating on environmental issues, but in recent years has extended its policies to include most of the policies that the Labour Party used to support.

Green Party policies, apart from protecting the environment, include the abolition of benefit sanctions and slave labour schemes, nationalisation of the railways, stopping privatisation of the NHS, increasing the minimum wage, building lots of homes, and preventing implementation of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).


Labour, UKIP, and the Lib Dems are just variations on Thatcherism, like different versions of a soft drink

The Greens started to make a breakthrough in elections held under Proportional Representation, such as the European Parliament, and Greater London Authority (GLA), but their first success in a general election came in 2010, when Caroline Lucas was elected as MP for Brighton Pavillion. This victory could have led later the same year to lots more Green MPs being elected in another general election held under Proportional Representation, as the Lib Dems had always said “If there’s a hung parliament, we will insist on Proportional Representation as the price of our support”. Unfortunately, this never happened, so the Green Party was stuck with just one MP until now.

During the parliament of 2010-2015, there was an increase in Green Party support and members, with a lot of Lib Dems transferring their support and the Greens polling higher than the Lib Dems in some opinion polls. This eventually led to the inclusion of the Greens in some of the televised election debates, but the format of these debates was manipulated by that public schoolboy wanker David Cameron who refused to appear unless he got his own way about how many debates there would be, who would take part in each one, on what dates and he refused point blank to debate only with Ed Miliband.

Green Party Political Broadcast “Change The Tune”

The Green Party made an amazing, or even “hilarious”, Party Political Election broadcast called “Change The Tune”, featuring a boy band made up of four members, who each looked a bit like the party leaders of the Conservative, Labour, Lib Dems, and UKIP, complete with ties in their party colours, singing a song explaining how their policies were more or less the same as each other.

There have been lots of opinion polls done by different organisations, which don’t show a massive Green Party surge, but a lot of these polls disagree with each other, most people weren’t polled, so they should ask themselves why this was and what it means. In other words, opinion polls aren’t accurate, could be fixed, and are often used to influence how people vote.

The Green Party has now formed a loose alliance with the SNP and Plaid Cymru to oppose Thatcherite/neoliberal policies. This alliance should be able to block Labour, the Conservatives, and the Lib Dems from forming another Thatcherite government. You can expect to read lots of Thatcherite propaganda about how this would mean the end of the World, or at least the end of Britain or the UK, but just ignore this.

Why vote Green? Simply because if you vote Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem, or UKIP, all you’ll get is more of the same Thatcherite/neoliberal policies. Vote Green for change!

I’m sorry this post didn’t appear before election day, but this is because I’ve been hard at work delivering leaflets, stuffing envelopes, and canvassing for the Green Party!

Why Vote Conservative?



The Conservatives are the party that invented Thatcherism. As Margo McDonald (RIP) of the SNP pointed out when John Major took over as Conservative Party leader “The Tories have changed the singer, but not the song!” The Conservatives were forced out of power in 1997 by “new Labour” and didn’t manage to form another government until 2010 with the help of the Lib Dems. Even after all that, their policies have remained basically Thatcherite

David Cameron’s first speech as PM

David Cameron (a public schoolboy wanker) has referred to Thatcher as “Mother”. After giving an inaugural speech when he entered Downing Street saying “Those who can SHOULD and those who CAN’T, we will ALWAYS help you” (at 4 mins in above clip) , his party, aided and abetted by the treacherous Lib Dems, carried out policies such as killing severely ill or disabled people by stopping their benefits, and passing an act to carry out even greater privatisation of the NHS (National Health Service ) than under previous governments. Under the Coalition government, the Conservatives continued to pursue policies scapegoating unemployed and unfit people, including a Housing Benefit cap of £250 p.w. for a one bedroom flat, more benefit sanctions, including unemployed people having their JSA suspended for arriving at the Jobcentre 10 minutes early instead of 15 minutes early, and replacing Income Support with Employment Support Allowance (ESA) for unfit people, requiring a review by ATOS killers, which led to some unfit people having their Income Support stopped, others being forced to attend a kind of Jobclub, while some others managed to escape these fates and were allowed to get on with their lives. Ian Duncan Smith had an idea that the benefits system should be simplified by everyone getting the same benefit called Universal Credit. This didn’t sound bad at first, but later it was revealed that Universal Credit would be paid monthly instead of weekly. Obviously, this is a disaster, causing people to be skint for about two weeks at a time, instead of only one week or less. The Conservatives have also caused a sharp increase in the use of food banks, even by former soap stars such as Daniella Westbrook. Why vote Conservative? If you’re suicidal and don’t care that other people would die as well as you, or if you’re better off than lots of people, even rich, and would like to be mugged by people who have had their benefits stopped!