Now that the election campaign has officially started, I thought I should remind people how the Labour Party is just as bad as the Tories. You can expect more articles during the campaign.

In a comment she made some time ago, Rachel Reeves, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Work and Pensions, said “We will be harder on welfare than the Tories. We are the LABOUR Party not the DOLE party!” In other words, Rachel Reeves has told people that if they’re on benefits, or they think there’s a chance they’ll be on benefits at some time in the future, then they should vote Conservative, because Labour would make their lives even more of a living hell than the Conservatives would.

Rachel Reeves was brought up in London, but left her native environment to work for HBOS (Halifax Bank of Scotland) in the much smaller city of Leeds, so this was a case of her “getting on her bike”. I bet Norman Tebbit was pleased with this! Obviously it was working for HBOS where she picked up the idea that money is more important than people’s lives. This bank was so dodgy that it had to be bailed out by the “new” Labour government, then taken over by Lloyds.

Neil Kinnock speaking

When she was a young girl, Rachel Reeves’ Dad pointed out the then current “real” Labour leader Neil Kinnock, whose quotes include “Just four days of Thatcherism left!” and “If Margaret Thatcher wins on Thursday, I warn you not to be ordinary, I warn you not to be young, I warn you not to fall ill, I warn you not to grow old”. Rachel Reeves said that her Dad told her and her sister that was who her family voted for and that she and her sister have “both known we were Labour since then”. This sounds to me like confusing party politics with a completely different topic, such as football teams. A football team can change all its players, its Manager, its stadium, and its tactics, but if a political party does this, then its no longer the same political party, even if the name stays the same. After Neil Kinnock stood down as Labour leader, most Labour Party policies were dropped and replaced by Thatcherite policies. The Labour MPs, party members and workers didn’t really care about this, they just wanted a turn in government.

Rachel Reeves has been exposed by The Guardian newspaper as using unpaid interns to work for her, or in other words she uses slave labour.

Rachel Reeves latest outrage is to reveal her new policy of stopping people’s JSA after two years for over 25s and after just one year for under 25s to “force unemployed people to take jobs”. Obviously these “jobs” would just be either more dodgy schemes, like under previous Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown, and Cameron governments, or perhaps they wouldn’t even have this option, but instead there would be no job at all, so they’d just be left to die. This is the same old shit as The Poor Law 1834, or the labour camps of the 1930s. If the jobs were any good and available, then people would take them. A simple solution would be to limit the number of hours people are allowed to work. I think a good figure might be a 30 hour week. This would have employers begging people to work for them, like in the 1960s. Of course, Thatcherite scum like Rachel Reeves would never consider this option unless ordered to do so by the Greens or the SNP in a coalition or a demand and supply arrangement.

It seems that no party can get a majority any more, so this should finally be the end of Thatcherism. If Labour get the most seats, then they’ll have to depend on at least one other party such as the SNP, the Green Party, or Plaid Cymru to support them. All these parties are dead against Thatcherite policies such as the ones above, so Labour would have to drop all their Thatcherite policies to become part of the new government.

Of course, the Labour Party is called Labour because it was formed to represent the interests of labour (i.e. the workers) against the interests of capital (i.e. the bosses). The term “the workers” means anyone who would have to work to have a reasonable standard of living, even if they’re unemployed or unfit for work at the time. This means that they’re supposed to govern on behalf of the workers, not on behalf of the bosses. For example, they shouldn’t make any threats against workers, such as threatening to cut off their whole income if they don’t do as they’re told, they should be ensuring that working conditions are reasonable, not bullying workers into jobs they don’t want to do, and threatening to fine or prosecute the BOSSES if they don’t do as they’re told. That’s what the Labour Party was formed to do. So when Rachel Reeves said that she and her sister have “both known we were Labour since then” this means that she doesn’t know or care what the Labour Party was about at all. All she cares about is being paid about £60,000 p.a., and getting her face and quotes on the mass media

Make sure you vote AGAINST Labour, the Conservatives, and the Lib Dems on May 7!