Nick Clegg shows his true colours


That public schoolboy wanker Nick Clegg, who personally, as well as most of his party in a “triple lock” vote, is to blame for the fact that British General Elections still aren’t held under Proportional Representation, has now decided to throw away his Parliamentary seat by making a shocking confession.

I was amazed just after the General Election result of 2010, because I was sure that because the Lib Dems held the balance of power this meant that Proportional Representation would be introduced because of their frequently stated policy of “If there’s a hung Parliament we will insist on Proportional representation as the price of our support”, they were a non Thatcherite party, and because they had decided at a conference years before that to abolish benefit sanctions, comparing them to The Poor Law 1834. A speaker said then that it was nonsense to think you could harass people into going out and getting a non existent job. This meant that Jobseekers’ Allowance, based round benefit sanctions, would have to be abolished, then replaced with a humane system such as Unemployment Benefit and Supplementary Benefit, like under the last real Labour Government!

I was desperate for news about welfare policy after the General Election of 2010, then I only heard 1-2 weeks later, a short remark from a TV reporter that on welfare they’d adopt the Conservative policies, including more slave labour and stopping people’s benefits, which made me feel suicidal.

Nick Clegg has now made a full confession on BBC1’s Andrew Marr Show. He said “…it is, of course, necessary to have sanctions in the benefit system”! Nothing else he said in that interview matters at all. I repeat that public schoolboy wanker Nick Clegg thinks “IT IS, OF COURSE, NECESSARY TO HAVE SANCTIONS IN THE BENEFIT SYSTEM”!!!! He had already nearly lost his seat, but this looks like the last straw. Bye bye Nick Clegg MP!

Of course, as all sane people know, benefit sanctions are a way of harassing unemployed people because some bastards called employers don’t want to employ them. This enables deranged nutters working at Jobcentres to apply sanctions whenever they feel like it. These sanctions can be fatal, or can ruin some people’s whole lives.




Wanker George Osborne gloats about his latest budget plans to make people who are already better off than me even more better off











Hello everyone. In spite of the government’s plans to kill me by stopping my benefits, I’d like to announce to you that I’m still alive!


I should tell you there are problems formatting this post, because I’ve forgotten exactly what to do. I hope these will soon be sorted out, though.


I ran out of inspiration running this blog in early 2011, just before moving into a new flat.

The way things are now, I’m likely to live until about June to August 2015, so I can still make plans. More details about how my life may end will be posted here soon.

Now we’re in the run up to another election, this gives me the opportunity to get things rolling again.

I’ll soon be examining the failures of Britain’s Conservative/Lib Dem coalition government as well as other Thatcherite/neo liberal governments around the World.

It’s time to destroy the myth of “There is no alternative” (TINA) created so many years ago by Maggie Thatcher!

Look forward to this.