Who cares about Ed Miliband?

Ed Milliband

Ed Milliband

A few months ago, Ed Miliband was elected leader of the Labour Party. The mass media were practically telling us who was going to win for ages, probably influencing the result. They said it was basically a two horse race between David Miliband and his brother Ed Miliband. It seemed to be a bit of a surprise to various people that Ed Miliband won instead of David Miliband, but that was all.

My view on all of this is who cares about Ed Miliband? Why should anyone care  that the Labour Party has a new leader? Ed Miliband joined the Labour Party after it became new Labour and was heavily involved with the new Labour project. He won the leadership contest largely due to trade union support, but that doesn’t really mean anything.

The policies of Thatcherism are clearly laid out in my last post. Since becoming Labour leader, I don’t think that Ed Miliband has spoken out against any of these policies at all, just made a lot of vague comments that somehow his leadership will mean change.

To sum up, vote Labour for more of the same old shit!



  1. I haven’t voted Labour since 1997. If Ed Miliband came out and said I am returning Labour to its socialist roots, I’d back him/them straight away. In my opinion the changes Blair and his fellow closet Tories made to the Labour Party were self serving and nothing to do with politics, socialism or the Labour Party. The Tories were in such a state Labour could have been elected anyway. In fact, they should have continued to educate on the failings of capitalism and the justice of socialism.

  2. Sorry to hear about what happened to you. But I suspect there will be many, including families at the mercy of unscrupulous private landlords very soon.

    I also suspect it will not be long before we see tenants’ rights legislation stripped away. Goodbye 2010, hello 1911. (Not a typo!)

    The only option I had was our local yes-man Brian Jenkins.

    We have no effective opposition. It is one of the big failings of democracy. Who speaks for the disenfranchised when the only politicians are well-paid career politicians?

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