Are the Lib Dems finished?

Lib Dem logoAs everyone should have heard by now, Lib Dem support has plummeted from about 22% at the General Election now down to about 8-9%! It should be totally obvious why this is.

The Lib Dems main policy and the only policy they had the power to implement was “If there’s a hung parliament, we’ll insist on proportional representation as the price of our support”. According to this policy, proportional representation would have been imposed for Westminster elections, without a referendum, effective immediately. As far I could see, we’d then have had another general election later on in 2010 under PR. The result of this would have been that no single party had a majority and another coalition government would have been formed, but of a different composition to the one formed in May 2010. There would definitely have been a lot more Lib Dem MPs, more Green MPs, and who knows what other parties?

Thanks to the Lib Dems betraying their main policy, their supporters (including me) have been deserting them until it’s now got to the point where they’d probably need PR just to get about the number of MPs they’ve got now!

Unless something drastic happens soon, we’ll find that the Lib Dems have consigned themselves to history. The Conservatives may be biding their time until they’re ahead in the opinion polls. Then, so long as no binding agreement is in place, they can call a motion of no confidence and withdraw from the coalition. The result of this would be a return to a two party system, very little difference between each party’s policies,  and no hope of getting rid of first past the post.


Who cares about Ed Miliband?

Ed Milliband

Ed Milliband

A few months ago, Ed Miliband was elected leader of the Labour Party. The mass media were practically telling us who was going to win for ages, probably influencing the result. They said it was basically a two horse race between David Miliband and his brother Ed Miliband. It seemed to be a bit of a surprise to various people that Ed Miliband won instead of David Miliband, but that was all.

My view on all of this is who cares about Ed Miliband? Why should anyone care  that the Labour Party has a new leader? Ed Miliband joined the Labour Party after it became new Labour and was heavily involved with the new Labour project. He won the leadership contest largely due to trade union support, but that doesn’t really mean anything.

The policies of Thatcherism are clearly laid out in my last post. Since becoming Labour leader, I don’t think that Ed Miliband has spoken out against any of these policies at all, just made a lot of vague comments that somehow his leadership will mean change.

To sum up, vote Labour for more of the same old shit!

What is Thatcherism? (recap)

Maggie Thatcher

Maggie Thatcher

Due to the way this blog is formatted, as well as to clarify things, I thought I should explain again what Thatcherism actually is. Thatcherism is also called Neo Liberalism.

Here’s an explanation of Thatcherism on a point by point basis.

  • Money is more important that people’s lives. If someone’s life isn’t “a financially viable proposition” then they should be left to die instead of being given help (e.g. by not being given any money, accommodation,  or a life saving operation).
  • People must compete fiercely with each other to accumulate money and power in a policy of survival of the fittest. “Greed is good”.
  • There should be few public services, if any at all. Instead of public services, these services should be provided by private companies for a profit, even if the services cost more and aren’t much good. The main thing is that a profit should be made out of the services. This is why public transport in Britain has recently been crippled by a bit of snow, because it wasn’t profitable to take measures against it in advance.
  • There is no such thing as society, only individuals. Don’t care about or try to help other people, just yourself. A friend in need is a bloody nuisance. Even if your closest relative asks for help, then you should leave them to die if they haven’t got a job.
  • If no jobs are available in your region, then you should “get on your bike”, look for a job in another region, then if you find it, you should relocate to that region, regardless what upheaval that would cause to your life in general. Your main purpose in life is to work to make a profit for someone else, or possibly for yourself. Your social life comes a poor second place to this.
  • It’s OK to con people by selling them shoddy goods, or appliances which are only on the market for 4 months before a new cheaper and better model comes out, so long as you make a big profit doing that.  Well done Alan Sugar and Amstrad!
  • Unemployed people or people unfit for work are lazy scrounging bastards who must be harassed into jobs or slave labour schemes  by threats to cut or stop their benefits.
  • Trade Unions should be put down or even abolished. Workers should have very few rights. They should be grateful they’ve got a job, otherwise they should be sacked. The right to strike should be restricted or even outlawed.
  • If you give up your job for any reason whatsoever, including being harassed by your employer, workplace bullying, etc, then you can’t claim any benefits for 26 weeks.
  • It’s unacceptable for people to drink alcohol while on a coach, walking along the street, sitting on a bench, at a bus stop,  or sitting on the pavement. They must be arrested or fined if they don’t stop immediately when ordered to do so by the Police. Any alcohol in their possession must also be confiscated. This is because alcohol  helps people to access their subconscious minds. After they’ve done this, then they realise what’s wrong and they want to do something about it. Obviously, this is why Thatcherites think that the use of alcohol must be strictly controlled.
  • It’s unacceptable to live off benefits. It’s even better to prostitute yourself than to live off benefits.
  • Cider over 7.5% vol (but not beer over 7.5% vol) should have a 50% penalty duty compared with cider of 7.5% vol maximum. This fits in with the control of alcohol above, but it’s not clear why Thatcherites prefer beer to cider. There was a powerful beer lobby which persuaded the last Conservative government to bring this in.