Thatcherite Press Vendetta against Benefit Claimants!

I feel like killing some newspaper editors when I read evil shit and lies against benefit claimants on the front pages of newspapers such as The Daily Mail and The Daily Express. I think this would be justified, because these stories could easily lead to various people dying in slave labour camps. These stories are usually about large families with several children “scrounging” a fortune off the state in benefit payments. The stories get more and more pathetic all the time and are being used to try and stir up hatred against all benefit claimants. There are now more benefit claimants than trade unionists! In one such story, a “hard working” daughter was slagging off her “scrounger” Dad who had walked out on her family when she was about five years old. This is obviously a personal and spiteful attack on the Dad it seems she never really knew. She made stupid claims such as if he could drive an electric vehicle, then he could work as a checkout operator. Obviously this comment ignores the fact that EMPLOYERS NOT WORKERS DECIDE WHETHER WORKERS CAN WORK OR NOT. Apart from this fact, supermarkets are busy cutting checkout operator jobs by installing automated checkouts. I think these families are living a hellish existence and that there’s no point having several kids to get given a house and large amounts in benefits. Unfortunately, this kind of criticism will also be used as ammunition against others with no kids at all! I think these stories should be exposed for what they are and put a stop to ASAP!


Street Drinking (2)

Beer can

Since my previous post about Street Drinking, I’ve had some more news. After a night out in London Borough of Lambeth, I was waiting for a bus, when I saw an interesting Lambeth Council public notice about street drinking. This notice said that although the Police could take action against people drinking on the street, this didn’t mean they would. Action would only be taken in circumstances where someone was committing an offence while drinking. Well done Lambeth Council! For more details click here The relevant law to be abolished is Section 12 of the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001.