The Orange Book?!

The Orange Book: Reclaiming Liberalism

I first heard of this book after the 2010 General Election, although it was published in 2004. I doubt if many other people had heard of it before then, either. The full title is “The Orange Book: Reclaiming Liberalism”. The term Liberalism, as well as the colour orange hark back to the days of the old Liberal Party, before it merged with the Social Democratic Party (SDP) to become the Social and Liberal Democrats, which was later shortened to just the Liberal Democrats. From what I’ve read, this book and the policies it promotes are more like the Liberal Party of the late 19th or early 20th Century, than what people have come to expect today. It turns out that four of the five Lib Dem cabinet members are co authors of the Orange Book. Various political commentators are now saying that it seems Lib Dem policy has reverted back to Liberal policies of the early 20th century. This is very worrying! Classic comments by Mrs Thatcher saying that Mr Gladstone would have wanted to join her Conservative Party are ringing in my ears. Even the slave labour advocate, mass murderer Adam Smith has been cited somewhere as an influence!

To sum up, as I never heard of this book or these policies before the General Election, they don’t apply.



Thatcherite Russian invasion!

Londongrad, a fictional novel featuring London's rich Russians

After Mrs Thatcher left office, but she said about John Major “He’s continuing my policies”, the USSR broke up and its former constituent republics abandoned communism. they had to privatise various companies, to create either a mixed economy or a 100% capitalist economy, because all the companies had previously been owned by the Soviet state.  Following Thatcher’s examples over here, various Russians managed to screw a fortune out of these newly privatised industries. This led some of them to invade Britain, buying up newspapers, football clubs, etc. Other countries (e.g. the USA) have laws against foreigners owning certain types of companies.

I’ve been personally affected by the Russian invasion. I was renting a flat, but then the Landlord decided to sell it. Unfortunately, he decided to sell it while I was still living there to people who wanted to live in it. This is what’s called selling “without vacant possession”. The letting agent expected me to move out after one month’s notice, and where half that time was the Christmas and New Year Holiday! They were selling it to a Russian couple, who I saw when they came to view the flat. I assumed it was a gangster and his moll, then I had plan some way out of this mess. I was really worried, because I already knew that the Police wouldn’t do anything.  I even had discussions with a security company to try and defend my home from these bastards.

Eventually, the letting agent found me a new flat, which I accepted and I moved out a few days after the one month’s notice. After this, I noticed that the FOR SALE sign remained up for months afterwards, so it looks like the Russian couple didn’t even buy it.

Unfortunately, my new flat was a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire, but that’s another story.