The Budget (UK)



Phillip Hammond in the traditional Budget pose


The Budget is something of a national institution or annual event in Britain/UK. In recent years there has been more than one budget during a single year, though.

I‘ve always hated The Budget! When I was a little boy, TV coverage of The Budget often, or even usually, ran over its scheduled time. Due to this, children‘s TV programmes were often cancelled for the total overkill of analysis of that year‘s Budget, without even an apology, as if it was beneath them to apologise or even acknowledge the existence of children‘s TV programmes! Since I stopped watching children‘s TV, I‘ve found more reasons to hate the Budget, but these reasons are also about finances versus enjoyment and entertainment. I‘ve also done my own personal budgets using software, but these have very little to do with government budgets. I set budgets for individual items such as alcohol at home, computer related items, food and drink, image, etc. The Chancellors‘ Budgets don‘t seem to mention most of my expense items directly, though.

However, one thing remains true about the Budget. It‘s a means of using money as a mechanism to control people‘s lives! This makes it obscene and just one more reason why money as we know it must be abolished, to be replaced by the Free Money System described in my book “Free Money!: Get Your Free Money Here“, which has already had some excerpts posted here. For a free copy of the whole book as a PDF, just email me on

The British Chancellor of the Exchequer (i.e. Finance Minister) Phillip Hammond delivered his latest Budget on November 22, 2017. Here‘s an analysis of what was in it and how it controls people‘s lives.

This Budget mentions how affects people‘s access to housing, strong Cider, and transport. All of these items are basic human rights whose access mustn‘t be restricted at all!! Alcohol is particularly important to help cheer people up, enable them to access the subconscious mind and encourage them to rebel. Mrs Thatcher got some medical officers to make up recommended limits on alcohol consumption per week. The limits were ridiculously low at 14 or 21 Units, where a Unit is 1% vol per Litre, meaning 10ml of pure alcohol. In recent years, these medical officers have confessed that the limits were just made up, not based on anything.

Of course, homes shouldn‘t cost anything at all. The basic principle behind this is that if you don‘t live in a certain building, then you can‘t own it, but if you do live in it then you automatically own it. Quite simple for any morons to understand. Landlords must be outlawed, but instead of taking any action against them, Hammond has given them a tax break!

Tax or Duty on “Strong White Cider“ is another matter entirely. Phillip Hammond has singled out white Ciders of 6.9%-7.5% vol. Popular examples are “Diamond White“, “White Star“ and “Frosty Jack“, but “White Lightning“ has been discontinued. This type of Cider is often drunk by homeless people who are begging on the streets, but there are rumours (i.e. in the sitcom “The Windsors”) that Kate Middleton drinks it as well. Of course, the reasons they‘re in that situation in the first place are employment discrimination, landlords refusing to rent to them (often due to the Housing Benefit cap), or even illegal eviction. After all this, they‘re in desperate need of some strong drink for the minimum price possible. A plastic 2L or even 3L bottle of strong white cider fits this description. In Germany they could be drinking red wine for €0.99 per Litre in a cardboard pack, or Sekt on special offer for €2.79 per 750ml bottle. Philip Hammond wants to deprive them of even that by imposing more tax or duty. What a sick bastard! I think someone should grab Phillip Hammond, pour about 10L of strong white cider down his throat, then dump him on the street somewhere dressed in ragged clothes soaked in Cider, without any money or mobile phone on him, but with a bottle of strong white Cider. I‘d like to see how he gets back to his normal life after that. Just imagine him turning up at the gates of Downing Street or The Houses of Parliament pissed on white cider, stinking and pleading with the Police saying “Don‘t you know who I am?“ Fuckin‘ hilarious! It would be great if his memory could also be wiped, but I don‘t think that technology exists yet. The good news is that this planned increase isn‘t due until 2019. This shows you how insane Phillip Hammond is, because after the General Election of June this year his government was predicted to fall, with another election in about December or January. This still looks likely, although the election won‘t be taking place in December. The next Chancellor could abolish the planned increase in the price of white cider, but by 2019 the whole financial system is likely to come crashing down anyway.

The benefits or welfare system is currently in the process of getting more fucked up than ever before by something called “Universal Credit“. What this means is that, although benefits paid in Britain certainly aren‘t enough for people who are denied the right to work by scumbag employers to have a reasonable life, these benefits will now be paid only once per month, instead of once every two weeks. This means that instead of people receiving these benefits having hardly any money left for a period of a few days or up to a week, they now face having hardly any money left for several days, or even up to two weeks at a time. This plays into the hands of loan sharks, extortionists, and other usurers (i.e. people who lend money charging any interest at all).

Luckily, there‘s no additional funding for the Police. This is a good thing, because these bastards have got their own sick, twisted version of the law. They think that some laws don‘t matter, while other laws must be rigorously enforced. They also make up some laws and enforce them. They‘re quick to assess who‘s got more money when called to a confrontation between two people or two groups of people. They then automatically side with whoever‘s got more money, such as a landlord. They also like to pounce on what they call “street drinkers“, meaning people who like to walk along the street or even sit down on a bench in the street while having a quiet drink, but I‘ve noticed recently that I‘ve been free to walk along the street while drinking alcohol, because there weren‘t enough Police to stop me.

No action has been taken against tax dodging as revealed in “The Paradise Papers“, except that there‘s an additional charge of just £47 for rich bastards flying on private jets! This is a drop in the ocean to them.

This Budget, as well as others, is based on the fallacy of promoting economic growth. This means the ability of a country to produce more goods and services than before. Of course, there‘s no reason why countries should continue to produce more and more goods and services unless their populations increase. Another type of growth is the growth in borrowing and interest driven debt. None of this is necessary either.

A sensible budget would say something like that from now on everyone living in Britain (including The Queen and The Prime Minister) would have to live on an income of about £250 every two weeks. Apart from this, although not covered by UK Budgets, everyone in the Eurozone would have to live on about €250 every two weeks, and everyone in the USA would have to live on $250 about every two weeks. I think that as the exchange rates for those three currencies are currently quite close to each other, they should be adjusted to have exactly the same value and their exchange rates fixed permanently. This could virtually wipe out currency speculation and the extortionate sums made from it overnight. I don‘t think either of these things will happen if it‘s left up to Phillip Hammond and his ilk. This is why I think it‘s high time for the Free Money System to be implemented!

Free Money! (Part 2)

Here’s another installment from my book. It’s not all that long, for a reason explained below. I hope you enjoy it!


The easiest way is to make it yourself. You can do this by making some notes which look as good as you can make them. They must contain certain text. The text would read something like “Free Money SYSTEM”, followed by “I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of”, followed by “ONE HOUR’S WORK”, followed by “or equivalent thereof (see overleaf for list of equivalents)”, followed by “Issued by – “, followed by your own signature, followed by your contact details. There should also be a date of issue and a date of expiry, before which the note must be exchanged for goods or services, otherwise it becomes worthless. In the case of handing out free samples of Free Money to people in the street, I think that at first most people may not be interested, so the date of expiry should be only about a week after the date of issue. A person can only issue as many notes as they can do hours of work or equivalent in goods. No one should issue notes representing a million hours of work, for example. This is because they couldn’t back it up. That’s the kind of thing the bankers have done! Another important piece of text on the note is “No interest can be charged on this note”. I’ll explain why this is in a later chapter. Of course, yet another important piece of text for the notes is “This note can’t be exchanged for any other currency”. This prevents any rich people from taking over the system. The only ways that people can get their hands on Free Money must be limited to receiving a single note as a free sample, working for it, or exchanging goods for it. If someone said to me “I’d like to sell you my bike. How many Work Hours notes will you give me for it?” then I’d jump at the chance. If Rupert Murdoch or George Soros offfered to sell me one of their mansions and asked how many Work Hours notes they could get for it, then I’d tell them to stick their mansion up their arse, because they wouldn’t own it for much longer once the Free Money system takes over, then there wouldn’t be any Police or security guards to protect it for them.


What you can do with your Free Money is either cash it in with the person who signed and issued it for so many hours’ work, or some of the goods listed, or cash it in with someone else who accepts that Free Money is worth something, or use it to buy something from someone else who accepts that the Free Money is worth something, although what you buy from them may not be listed on the note. The notes could circulate as a means of payment up until their expiry dates, when they must be cashed in. What you can’t do with your Free Money is put it in a bank, earn interest on it, or exchange it for another currency. You can put it in a hiding place at home, though.

What you’ve read so far is all you need to know about how Free Money works. The rest of this book explains why the current system of Capitalism is wrong and just how corrupt it is. At the end of the book there’s the section “About the Author”. Please contact me offering to exchange goods and services. Unfortunately, I don’t know where I’ll be living at the time. Now get out there and do it!



The Paradise Papers



Following on from the obscene Thatcherite/Neoliberal shit which was called The Panama Papers, we‘ve now got another similar outrage called The Paradise Papers. Well done to the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung for uncovering both of these!

Both these revelations are about tax dodging. Under the current financial system a lot of people haven‘t got enough money, some people have got enough money, some people have got too much money, while a very few people (less than 1%,) have got far, far too much money. Taxation is a way of redistributing some of this money, but even then some people have got too much money, while the 1% still have far, far too much money, but they‘re avoiding even paying their taxes. In that case, all their money must be turned to ashes!

The UK/Britain is at the heart of this scandal, due to its historical and extensive system of tax havens, including The Cayman Islands, Bermuda, The Isle of Man, and The British Virgin Islands, although a lot of the activity is coordinated from London. In late 2015 to early 2016, the EU launched a plan to crack down on tax havens, which is the main reason an EU referendum was called then. It was mentioned in the Conservative Party 2015 Manifesto, but tax avoidance was always one of the main reasons behind it.

There are two main companies involved in this scandal. These are Appleby and Glencore. Appleby is a law firm registered in Bermuda, but their own website confesses “Appleby today is one of the world’s leading offshore law firms. The Group has offices in the key offshore jurisdictions of Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Jersey, Mauritius, and the Seychelles, as well as a presence in the international financial centres of Hong Kong and Shanghai“. Glencore deals in buying and selling raw materials arounf the World. These include metals, as well as minerals such as coal and oil. They‘re also involved in agriculture. To sum up, they‘re stealing these items from other people!

Brexiters, such as the referendum fixing conman Arron Banks, and the tax dodging Daily Telegraph owning Barclay brothers are involved in these schemes. Phillip May, husband of British Prime Minister Theresa May, is also at least under suspicion.

The aim of this type of scheme is for a few individuals to acccumulate as much wealth as possible, more than some countries.

At the end of the day, most political parties just make statements which can be summed up as “We agree with the current financial system, but our sums are different from our opponents“. This includes crap such as building “social housing“ which scum like bankers and tax dodgers would never even consider living in, but there are already thousands or millions of homes lying empty already. It‘s obvious to me that the only solution is the abolition of money as we know it and the adoption of the system explained in my book “Free Money: Get Your Free Money Here“. Under this system an hour‘s work is worth the same all round the World and no one can be much better or much worse off than anyone else.

Like we‘ve seen from the credit crunch, as well as lots of gold and silver being brought back from South America by the Spanish Empire, prices of everything are adjusted according to what people, or even most people, can afford to pay. If everyone managed to earn about 20 currency units per week, then the price of almost everything would be less than 20 currency units, otherwise it would require credit or loans. Just the fact that credit or loans were offered would inflate prices. Of course, interest must be banned completely!

I‘m sorry I haven‘t posted any more installments of my book for about seven months now. I was planning to edit and expand it a bit, but I now see it‘s not that important. I‘ll finish posting it as it is now in the very near future. As I mentioned seven months ago, if you want a copy of it as a PDF, please just email me on

My goal is to make Rupert Murdoch and his family (guilty of numerous crimes), Tony Blair (implemented Jobseekers‘ Allowance), Kenneth Clarke (created Jobseekers‘ Allowance), Gerhard Schröder (implemented Arbeitslosengeld 2/Hartz 4, a copy of JSA), Angela Merkel (continued with Arbeitslosengeld 2/Hartz 4), and Ian Duncan-Smith (created Universal Credit) homeless and begging on the streets! Don‘t give them any money if you see them.




The Exit Poll that told me Theresa May had failed to get everything her own way


Of course, by now there’s been a lot of news stories and comments about this general election, but here’s my post, telling you how it relates to Thatcherism.

Theresa May and her Conservatives, backed up by Labour Party votes called a general election. Her evil plan was to get a massive majority for starting the Brexit negotiations, then leading into fixed gerrymandered new constituency boundaries in 2018. This would have established a total dictatorship in Britain, or at least England and Wales.

I can’t forget the sense of relief I felt seeing the first BBC exit poll, projecting a hung parliament with the Tories on 314 seats. I thought this was good, but I hoped they’d end up with fewer seats. In the end they got 318 seats, Labour got 262, the SNP got 35, Lib Dems 12, Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) 10, Sinn Fein 7, Plaid Cymru (Welsh Nationalists) 4, Greens 1, and Independent 1.

There was a lot of tactical voting in this election, with EU Remainers being encouraged to vote either Lib Dem in constituencies where they might be able to win, Labour to try and deprive the Tories of a large majority, or even of any majority at all, and Lib Dem or Labour in safe Tory seats to register their rejection of Brexit. The Green Party of England and Wales decided not to stand in 24 seats, as a “progressive alliance”, to help beat the Tories. Younger people were encouraged to register to vote, as well as to actually get out and vote, which they did.

Jeremy Corbyn and Labour ran on a manifesto which seemed to totally reject Thatcherism or “new Labour”, promising to renationalise utilities, and abolish student tuition fees. However, this manifesto also mentioned plans for people on Jobseekers’ Allowance (JSA) and Universal Credit, instead of saying that these benefits would be abolished. The manifesto promised to end benefit sanctions, but as both these benefits are based around constant threats and sanctions I don’t see how that would be possible. Labour’s manifesto also made it clear that they planned to carry out Brexit, but most of their new support came from remain voting areas.

The Lib Dems tried to re invent themselves as the only party that could stop Brexit, but most Remainers weren’t prepared to trust them after 2010 when they’d given up their policies on demanding Proportional Representation, abolishing benefit sanctions, not increasing tuition fees, as well as supporting the dreaded Housing Benefit cap and the Bedroom Tax.

The SNP stood to stop Brexit for Scotland and ideally to get Scottish independence. They lost 21 of their 56 seats, but it’s certainly not clear what this means, especially as they still have more seats than all the other parties in Scotland combined. Apart from this, the SNP are a minority government in the Scottish Parliament elected by Proportional Representation, but with the support of the six Scottish Green Party members, the majority of that parliament are in favour of independence for Scotland.

After the general election, Theresa May made a filthy deal with the DUP from Northern Ireland to try and cling on to power. This involved paying them a billion Pounds! Of course, a lot of Tory policies have now been dropped. It remains to be seen if even this disgusting tactic can enable the Tories to cling on to power. It will be revealed on June 29, 2017 if their cut down list of policies, still including Brexit, listed in The Queen’s Speech, have been rejected or not. If the vote goes in their favour, even then it seems they can only last about 6 months. This is based on previous minority governments in 1974 and 1924. If they’re rejected, then Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party will get a chance to form a government with as much support as possible from other parties. If this attempt fails, then I think another general election will be automatically called on about July 13, 2017, taking place about 6-8 weeks later. The way support for different political parties has been going, it now seems impossible for any party to get a majority again. The solution is obviously Proportional Representation, which would mean the death of the Labour and Conservative Parties, to be replaced by newer, smaller parties, which would always have to form coalition governments, the same as in lots of countries, or even most countries around the World.

As for whether Brexit is Thatcherite or anti Thatcherite, I think it’s obviously Thatcherite. This is because it’s only in the interests of people who want to deregulate everything without anyone to stop them. Their goal is to turn Britain into an offshore banking and tax haven something like the Cayman Islands. Jeremy Corbyn supports it because his politics are like Tony Benn (RIP) adopted by the Labour Party back in 1980, where to create a “Socialist paradise” you must take complete control of a country, without another organisation such as the then EEC, now the EU, to interfere with this plan. This policy was dropped by Labour in about 1988, but now it’s back. I think it would be like North Korea lite!




Tim Farron boarding a campaign bus, but not holding the Manifesto


The Lib Dem Manifesto for 2017 says that Theresa May’s government has a mandate to begin negotiations to leave the EU! The EU Referendum result to leave was caused by Rupert Murdoch’s and the Daily Mail’s brainwashed little puppets. This is disastrous! It means uncertainty and damage has already been done and will continue to be done to the UK up to 2019!

The Lib Dem Manifesto goes on to give details of how the Lib Dems support a “soft Brexit”, but no such deal is being offered by the EU. They also claim they actually want to stay in the EU, but their lack of opposition to Brexit makes it confusing how they plan to achieve this. They want to hold another referendum on the terms of the deal, but the propaganda by that time will probably be impossible to override. The only thing similar to EU membership is EEA membership. This involves countries following rules that they had no say in making. It also includes free movement of people, which is allegedly the main thing that leave voters wanted to stop!

This manifesto pledges to try and protect the rights of people in Northern Ireland and Gibraltar. These rights can only be guaranteed by continued membership of the EU!

They want to discourage people from drinking alcohol, including a minimum per unit price for alcohol!

They talk about “responsible finances”, following on from their period in the Coalition in 2010-2015. This means maintaining cuts and not increasing spending until the loans and interest have been paid off!

They often mention a 1p rise in Income Tax, instead of making the rich bastards pay. Pathetic!

They mention Universal Credit, indicating that they have no plans to abolish it and replace it with a humane system!

They mention Jobseekers’ Allowance, instead of saying they want to abolish it and replace it with a humane system!

There is no mention of abolishing the Housing Benefit cap which they supported!

They don’t plan to renationalise the railways!

There’s no mention of abolishing anti “street drinking” laws, or the law banning people from drinking on buses or coaches.

They talk about introducing Proportional Representation and the Single Transferable Vote (STV), but they’ve already thrown away their best opportunity for doing that in 2010. I don’t know if they’ll ever get that opportunity again. The SNP is more likely to achieve this.

To sum up, the Lib Dem Manifesto doesn’t propose to abolish Thatcherism at all.




Jeremy Corbyn presents the Labour Party Manifesto 2017


Searching hard through the Labour Party Manifesto for 2017 reveals a few policies which might be called Thatcherite.

Labour plans to abolish benefit sanctions and “reform” Universal Credit. However, Universal Credit hasn’t yet been rolled out to everyone and may never be. Meanwhile, lots of claimants, or even most claimants, are still on ESA or JSA. Universal Credit is only paid monthly, so that in itself is a disaster. I don’t see how Universal Credit can be reformed. It should just be abolished and replaced with a humane system like under the last real Labour Government of 1974-1979. Even Jobseekers’ Allowance is mentioned in this Manifesto, suggesting it won’t be abolished.

That typically Thatcherite policy of selling Council Houses is mentioned as well. Apparently, it won’t be abolished, but only suspended unless councils can prove they’re replacing the houses they’re selling off. This policy of still allowing Council House sales would make it difficult to increase the number of Council Houses.

A big change is the promises to renationalise the rail network, water, and energy.

If a manifesto doesn’t say it’s going to abolish something, then we can assume it won’t. I don’t see any mention of abolishing the anti picketing laws, for example.

Of course, this manifesto, mentions several times that Britain will be leaving the EU! This is disastrous, a form of isolationism, which could result in it becoming like apartheid era South Africa, or North Korea!




Theresa May: “Strong and stable. Brexit means Brexit!”


Here are some policies from the Conservative’s Manifesto which are Thatcherite.

People are once more expected to sell their homes to pay for personal care, although now they won’t have to do this until after they die, so it’s their kids who will be affected. This policy was abolished or at least toned down by Cameron, as well as being abolished in Scotland by the Labour/Lib Dem coalition there.

Scrapping free school lunches. This goes much further than Thatcher’s early policy of scrapping free school milk. Some of the free school lunches will be replaced by free school breakfasts, but do some kids really go to school without having any breakfast?

Means testing of Winter fuel payments for pensioners. People such as Alan Sugar would no longer get them, but May refused to say exactly who would and who wouldn’t get these payments.

Allowing and encouraging new grammar schools to start up. This creates more inequality in society, exactly as Thatcher wanted.

Taxes would be kept as low as possible.

The manifesto includes lies such as Britain being the World’s fifth largest economy, although it slipped into sixth place following the EU Referendum result, as well as having the fastest growing economy in the G7, although it was recently revealed to be the slowest growing economy in the G7. Of course, economies shouldn’t be growing at all, unless the population increases.

There’s also a couple of paragraphs under the heading “Modern Slavery”, saying how the Tories plan to abolish it. Of course, there’s no mention of abolishing JSA, Universal Credit, or their associated slave labour schemes!

It also promises to bring in votes for life for British overseas electors. This was in the last Conservative Manifesto AND The Queen’s Speech, but not implemented. If this had actually been done, then the EU Referendum result would probably have been remain!

They commit themselves not only to retaining first past the post for General Elections, but to extend this to Mayoral elections as well!! They also want to repeal the Fixed Term Parliaments Act, so that the sitting Prime Minister can once more choose the best date for their government to be re elected, without even asking for a two thirds vote of all MPs.

Student loans will continue, instead of being abolished and replaced with grants.

Universal Credit, with all its associated harassment, will continue to be rolled out, instead of abandoned as a sick joke.

In the section on housing, there’s absolutely no mention of the Housing Benefit cap, or even Housing Benefit at all, so I assume that any housing will only be for people who are allowed to work by the employers.

Everyone reading this should be concerned about the section on the Internet, where it says that the Tories would interfere with and censor the Internet as much as possible.

They wouldn’t continue with stage 2 of the Leveson Enquiry, investigating what nasty journalists such as those employed by Rupert Murdoch, get up to.

EDIT: One thing I forgot to mention before is that the same old policy of selling Council Houses is here again! Another disastrous policy, although not Thatcherite, is leaving the EU. This would make Britain totally isolationist, wipe the country off the map, as well as ruining trade, and people’s rights,  including their right to escape from Britain. Even Thatcher didn’t think of this one!

That’s about all I can say. I hope to publish some more articles exposing some Thatcherite policies promoted by other parties before the General Election takes place!

Free Money! (Part 1)


Lots of banknotes from around the World

Here’s an extract from my book “Free Money! : Get Your Free Money Here”. This hasn’t been published by anyone except myself. You can get a copy of the full text as a PDF file by emailing me on



by Paul Londoner


I decided to write this book out of sheer frustration and anger with recent financially based attacks which have reduced my life to a shadow of its former self, depriving me of a proper home, and nearly resulting in my death, but also because there seemed to be no action and no implementation of any alternative economics system which would enable my life to improve and be reasonable. Due to the lack of implementation, I have written this book, describing an economic system which incorporates aspects of Participatory Economics (Parecon), Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS), and Positive Money. I’m concentrating on implementing this new system, instead of spending forever theorising about it. After reading the first part of this book, it tells you to get out there and DO something! Don’t expect any government or opposition party to do it for you. Do it yourself!


  • What is Free Money?

  • How can you get your Free Money?

  • What can you do with your Free Money?

  • Why banking is wrong

  • Why charging interest is wrong

  • How bankers cause unemployment

  • Why currency speculation is wrong

  • Why money issued by banks is worthless

  • Why we don’t need bankers

  • Participatory Economics (Parecon)

  • Positive Money

  • Local Exchange Trading Systems (LETS)

  • Security issues for Free Money

  • Colonial Scrip

  • The Rothschilds

  • No jobs in the Bible

  • Why we don’t need landlords

  • The Police

  • About the Author


Free Money is free is two ways. Firstly it’s free of control by bankers, governments, or any elite group. Secondly, to encourage people to start using it, it’s best to give them a free sample of the Free Money. You might give, or receive some Free Money, or even both. The Free Money itself takes the form of notes issued by an individual, who may or may not also use the name of an organisation. An example of a name for this organisation could be “Free Money System”, “Participatory Economics Association (Parecon)” etc, but the note must be signed by the person who issued it, also giving their contact details. Another good idea is to mention the name of the place where the note was issued. It’s also a good idea for a few people to work together in issuing the Free Money. This involves two or more people deciding on a name for a unit of currency. I think a good currency name is an “Hour’s Work” or “Work Hour”. It’s obvious that this means a service of carrying out some work for one hour. It’s also important to trade in goods, as well as services, though For this reason, a list of equivalent goods to one hour’s work must be given. The two or more people who are issuing these notes in a local area must agree on which goods and what quantity of these goods are equivalent to one hour’s work. Examples of goods could be 1Kg of dry rice, 1Kg of dry pasta, one meal, or 2L of alcoholic drink. Where would the goods come from? People should try to make as many goods as possible. Apart from this, they could buy some goods, such as 5Kg of rice, to help start the system going. Later on, they could try and buy some rice using their Free Money. I think that rice can only grow in certain parts of the World. Pasta may be easier to make yourself, though. Perhaps you can think of some more staple foods, such as Polenta, Soya, flour, etc. I think Pasta is made from wheat, which is then processed and goes through a machine to make it a certain shape, such as spaghetti, linguine, etc. Some meals could consist of the rice or the Pasta, plus something to go with it. Whatever goes with it could have been bought into the system using traditional money, bought in using Free Money, or grown on some land that someone has access to. Examples of land for growing food could be a clearing in the middle of a forest where no one ever goes, or an allotment. You could also use your garden, if you’ve got one, a window box, or some grow bags. As for alcoholic drink, it’s easy to brew alcohol using some kind of liquid such as fruit juice, sugar, and yeast. Some simple equipment which came out a few years ago is called home brewing caps. These are simple airlocks which are screwed onto the top of a clean, plastic, 2L bottle, which previously contained a soft drink or cider. The yeast is a strong Champagne style yeast, which creates its own sterile environment. This is much less complicated than traditional home brewing gear, such as demijohns, bored corks, airlocks with chambers, etc. These ingredients could be bought into the system, but the end result would be much cheaper than the mass produced factory version. More importantly, it also deprives governments of part of their much needed tax control mechanism and enables people to afford to drink more alcohol, accessing the subconscious mind, encouraging them to rebel. This right is under threat from people such as Kenneth Clarke MP, the mass murderer who thought up Jobseekers’ Allowance (JSA) and put a 50% penalty duty on cider over 7.5% vol. The Police in various parts of Britain are also harassing shopkeepers to join “voluntary” schemes where they agree not to sell beer or cider over a certain strength, which could be as little as 6.5% vol.






In an almost unbelievable turn of events, a snap general election has been called in Britain.

Nowadays, since the Fixed Term Parliaments Act 2011, the Prime Minister no longer has the power to call a general election at the best time to get their party re elected. This requires the agreement of 66% of all MPs.

Unfortunately, the Labour Party voted with the Conservative dictators to grant the general election. There were various other possible outcomes to this parliamentary motion.

1. Labour could have voted against holding a general election.
2. Labour could have voted against holding a general election on the date of June 8, 2017 asked for by the arch dictator Theresa May, but indicated it would consider agreeing to hold the general election on a later date.
3. Labour could have refused outright to consider having a general election at the moment, voted against, which would have meant the only alternative means to get a general election in the near future would have been a motion of no confidence in the government. This may have needed to be tabled by the Conservative government themselves, making them look really bad.

The way things have turned out, Theresa May has got what was supposed to be no longer possible. She has been able to choose what she thinks is the best date for her government to be re elected. Let’s hope her evil ploy backfires and she’s soon consigned to history.

No one can say for certain what the outcome of this general election will be. It’s common knowledge that the last general election in 2015 was fixed by massive postal vote fraud in 50 marginal constituencies. The propaganda to counter this was that there was such a thing as “shy Tories”, who didn’t want to tell the opinion pollsters their voting intentions. After this, the pollsters fixed their polls to show more support for the Tories. The opinion polls just before the end of the 2015 general election showed both Labour and the Tories neck and neck on about 34%. The fixed election result showed that the Tories got 37% of the votes, while Labour got 34%, though. This indicates that the opinion pollsters have since been adding 3% support to the Tories in their polls. As the margin of error in polls up to that point was 3%, this means that opinion polls could be showing the Tories with 6% more support than they’ve actually got.

Apart from the above, it’s worth pointing out that in recent years opinion polls have often been wrong, although this is sometimes because of fixed elections. It’s widely believed that the Scottish Independence Referendum of 2014 was fixed. The EU Referendum result wasn’t supposed to be a win for Leave either, so perhaps it was fixed by certain councils and/or the company IDOX which is owned by a Tory MP.

In general elections, all seats are won or lost based on how people vote locally. Unfortunately, opinion polls don’t take account of this. I’ve heard that some local polling by the Tory Lord Ashcroft has shown that the Lib Dems are likely to regain most of the seats they lost in SW England.

At the end of the day, this election is a chance to STOP Brexit!








There has been a coup d’etat in Britain. This coup was led by Nigel Farage of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, and Iain Duncan Smith who are all Conservatives. They received a lot of support from that interfering foreigner Rupert Murdoch through his newspapers The Sun and The Times, as well as his TV channel Sky News, plus the other newspapers The Daily Mail, and The Daily Express, which are both Thatcherite/neo liberal. Other, minor players in this coup include Andrea Leadsom and Priti Patel of the Conservatives, as well as the schizophrenic nutter Lord Owen (formerly known as Dr David Owen), who in his time has been an MP for the Labour Party, formed the anti Thatcherite and anti Marxist Social Democratic Party (SDP) still as a sitting MP, which went into an alliance with the Liberal Party, he opposed the merger of the SDP with the Liberals to form the Liberal Democrats by wailing and moaning like a Prima Donna because he wasn’t going to be in charge, then later on started supporting the Conservatives instead to hit back at his former colleagues in Labour and the Lib Dems. Finally, as a Lord, he made a donation and gave support to Labour again.


Lord/Dr David Owen, a perfect case of schizophrenia

People voting leave in the EU referendum didn’t vote “against the political establishment”, even if they thought that’s what they were doing. They were encouraged to vote either way by one elitist clique against another, but people with common sense took no notice of this and voted to remain. Apart from this it seems that people have also been brainwashed by Weatherspoons pubs who distributed anti EU leaflets and beermats to their customers who were quie likely to be drunk at the time, as well as UKIP hiring the services of hypnotist Paul McKenna to advise them about how to give their videos a hypnotic effect. I used to like Weatherspoons pubs and Paul McKenna, but now I advise people to boycott both of them. Inventor James Dyson also supported leave, so I advise people not to buy his products, smash them up and throw them out if you own any, not to use Dyson hand dryers in public toilets, but write “DYSON = TRAITOR” on them and try to smash them up instead.

Paul McKenna


Paul McKenna, who changed from trying to improve people’s lives to trying to enslave them


Why did Rupert Murdoch support Brexit? In his own words “That’s easy! When I go to Downing Street they do what I say. When I go to Brussels they usually take no notice”. Obviously, this means the EU doesn’t support Rupert Murdoch’s vision of free trade across the World, his US TV productions, sewing up the rights to other TV series he hasn’t produced, then persuading people to pay subscriptions to watch them. He has been doing this in Britain, Ireland, Germany, and Italy through Sky UK, Sky Deutschland, and Sky Italia. I think people should boycott all his TV channels and newspapers. Obviously, people who put their minds to it can watch the same TV programmes by downloading them as torrents from Pirate Bay proxy sites, some other torrent sites, or watch them using a Virtual Proxy Network on , etc, but they shouldn’t use the browser plug in Hola to do this, because Hola sell users’ bandwidth through their premium service and install malware. I think that people should watch mainly TV from the EU via satellie or the Internet, on sites such as and



Jerry Hall with Rupert Murdoch (a case of necrophilia)


The Daily Mail is notorious as a Thatcherite newspaper, which hates and despises whole groups of people. The Daily Mail thinks that anyone can get a job at any time, as in classical economics or Thatcherism/neo liberalism, instead of Keynesian economics or participatory economics/parecon where there are no employers, or centralised state Socialism/Communism where people were told what jobs would be available, only allowed to train for what jobs were needed, then forced into one of those jobs. The Daily Mail whipped up a hysterical frenzy against “lazy scroungers” on Housing Benefit (a system which gives people money to pay their rent just so they can have a place to live if they can’t get work or are poorly paid). Of course, this money ends up in the hands of Landlords, not the people claiming the money. It’s a drop in the ocean compared to the money the bankers conjure out of thin air or is wiped out on stock markets. As a result of this campaign, a cap was placed on Housing Benefits. The cap was £250 per week for a single person in a one bedroom flat. There was no attempt to prevent landlords from increasing rents, so this has meant that when rents continued to increase, there were very few if any flats in that price range still available in London, then if people on Housing Benefit in London were evicted, they found it very hard or even impossible to get another flat in London. This has caused people to either be forced out of London, or into shared houses with small rooms of their own, or pathetically small “studio flats”, which are more like Bed & Breakfast rooms.

For a long time, or always, Britain has been plagued by isolationists who basically don’t know and don’t want to know about the rest of the World, unless they happen to speak English. A lot of these people are elderly and/or live in small towns or villages. These people have been going on and on about a campaign to leave the EU since at least 1992. The whole attitude may date back to after the Viking invasion when the Vikings settled in what later became England, north of a line between the River Lee or Lea now in London, and the Mersey Estuary.

I was shocked to hear that some people who oppose “globalization” or more properly globalisation, were happy at the news that Britain had voted in the referendum to leave the EU. This is crap, because the EU is supposed to be a protectionist bloc, opposing or restricting free trade within its borders to the advantage of people and companies from the EU. The protectionist aspect hasn’t been as successful as it was supposed ro be, as well as being undermined by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) which we were never asked if we wanted to join.

To sum up, unless this insane referendum result is ignored, voted down by Parliament, or another referendum is held which gives a victory to remain then what will happen is roughly as follows. Of course, I can’t be anything like 100% accurate in my predictions, but I think over 60% of these things will happen.

  • Unemployment will increase, playing into the hands of the Thatcherites, who will brand the new unemployed as lazy, instead of admitting it was due to the Brexit. They will make them do more slave labour and set up special slave labour camps
  • Lots of people will leave England and Wales for the Continent, Scotland, or Ireland
  • Prices in shops will rise due to the fall in the Pound Sterling
  • Due to a big devaluation of the Pound Sterling, people will have to pay in US Dollars or Euros
  • Satellite dishes larger than Sky Digital dishes (45cm) will be banned to prevent people watching TV channels from the Continent via satellite
  • There will be more Internet censorship, including streaming videos from TV channels located on the Continent
  • Scotland will declare independence from the UK
  • Northern Ireland will declare independence from the UK
  • Gibraltar will be administered jointly with Spain, or leave the UK and join Spain
  • Lots of people who are already applying for Irish passports will give up their British nationality altogether
  • The UK’s nuclear weapons will be moved from their bases in Scotland to bases in England and Wales, and their numbers will increase
  • The population of England and Wales will decrease due to its citizens leaving and mass deportations
  • Military spending will greatly increase to prepare for the war which is sure to come
  • England and Wales will threaten various other countries, including EU members, with its nuclear weapons over trade disputes
  • Germany or the whole EU (apart from France) will arm itself with nuclear weapons to counter the threat from England and Wales
  • Russia will send its armed forces to invade and occupy England and Wales, probably leading to a nuclear war
  • The EU will send its European Army to invade and occupy England and Wales, probably leading to a nuclear war
  • People from England and Wales may need visas to travel to the Continent
  • Holidaymakers from England and Wales on the Continent will be harassed and attacked

Don’t forget that all of this has happened because of UK based TV channels showing almost 100% programmes made in English and because Rupert Murdoch wanted to be able to run his media empire in Britain without interference from the EU!